Architecture in Berlin

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Arnt Cobbers

Architecture in Berlin

The 100 most Important Buildings

Klappenbroschur, 240 Seiten, 229 überwiegend farbige Fotos

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The more than 800 years of Berlin history is reflected in a diverse architectural landscape. Art historian Dr. Arnt Cobbers presents the 100 most important buildings in his successful handbook on Berlin architecture.

Arranged chronologically according to their dates of construction, the buildings described here span from the medieval period (St. Nicholas Church) to the contemporary era (Government Quarter, Zoofenster, Humboldt-Forum) via the Schinkel period (Old Museum), Modernist industrial structures (AEG Turbine Hall) and the housing estates of the Weimar Republic (Britz 'Horseshoe' Estate). The author explains each building in terms of its period of origin. architect and cultural and historical context.

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